The Technical Floor is NOT a signal service as signals do not help you become a good trader yourself.
Instead we provide high probability trade set ups.
Along with the education that is necessary to understand them, so that you can improve your trading ability.

We will  release analysis across major currency pairs, Gold, and multiple minor pairs
detailing possible price movement and set ups for the week.
We post further analysis during the week when new set ups appear that fit our strategy.
 This analysis will include possible entry points and profit targets

Technical Breakdowns

Technical and Fundamental analysis on potential trading setups

Video explanation on asked questions

You ask. We answer. Have a look through our videos where we examine and answer the things stopping you from becoming , consistently profitable

Hours of learing content

Access the necessary tools and mindset needed in order to be a successful trader

Weekly Webinars

Recapping everything that happened throughout the week

Members Floor

Members Floor , where you can chat freely with other members about Forex / Psychology / Books and More

Technical Floor Subscription

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